Friday, June 13, 2014

CNC'ing SEM parts and 80386 and 80486 photography funding

I thought I'd give the whole crowdfunding thing a try:

If you like the stuff you've seen here on my blog and on, consider helping me recoup some of the costs and keep generating data

In other news...

Over the weekend I spent some time learning CNC stuff better and managed to get my Sherline 2000 CNC mill cranking out SEM parts.  Here's a backplot:

Everything is done in one pass with a 1/8" endmill to leave the part slightly attached on the two sides.  Here is a stock piece:

Milling started:

After a more:

Gasket fit check:

 Comparison with the original:

The original is stainless but thats a bit hard to cut on my system so I did aluminum.  Next I will cut a hole in it and attach a KW25 vacuum port.  This will allow me to attach a vacuum gauge to better understand if the SEM has a healthy vacuum system.


  1. It's good to hear that everything is doing great! Getting to learn the finer points of CNC could help you make better things in the future. Who knows, you could create more intricate objects by learning more tips and tricks from such lessons. Crowdfunders are a picky bunch, and they'll only trust their money on those who can give out results. Good luck in this project of yours!

    Deborah Williams @ Choice Career College