Friday, June 13, 2014

CNC'ing SEM parts and 80386 and 80486 photography funding

I thought I'd give the whole crowdfunding thing a try:

If you like the stuff you've seen here on my blog and on, consider helping me recoup some of the costs and keep generating data

In other news...

Over the weekend I spent some time learning CNC stuff better and managed to get my Sherline 2000 CNC mill cranking out SEM parts.  Here's a backplot:

Everything is done in one pass with a 1/8" endmill to leave the part slightly attached on the two sides.  Here is a stock piece:

Milling started:

After a more:

Gasket fit check:

 Comparison with the original:

The original is stainless but thats a bit hard to cut on my system so I did aluminum.  Next I will cut a hole in it and attach a KW25 vacuum port.  This will allow me to attach a vacuum gauge to better understand if the SEM has a healthy vacuum system.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rolling with the SEM

Minor updates...

The SEM is off the pallet.  Used a cherry picker with some help from a friend to lift it one side at a time:

Now its on wheels and isn't quite so tall:

The rack on the left will hold the pump and maybe computerized control system.

I also got replacement vacuum hosing:

Its reinforced but still would collapse under vacuum.  Fortunately, I only need it a short length so I can connect stainless vacuum hose

Currently working on learning CNC better so I can make some new vacuum ports for a vacuum gauge.

I also got an EDS detector in the mail:

It needs some TLC but should still be fun, more on that later.

Also picked up some wire bonders at industrial auction:

The base unit seems to work but needs a microscope (check but need to make adapter) and acquire a tip ($30 on eBay) + spool/tensioner.  I don't have the latter which shouldn't be too hard to make but may require a lot of tweaking to get it working properly.

Finally, the microscope camera now has frame lock and has been upgraded to linux-next.  I tried to submit to linux kenrel but don't think it e-mailed out.  In case I get hit by a bus, here is my Linux AmScope MU800 camera driver:  I also white-balanced my camera.  Unfortunately, the driver as written cannot reach the right thresholds.  Instead, I hard coded the RGB values in my local build.  Hopefully will fix these in near future...