Sunday, April 11, 2010

This blog

This blog is my adventures as I try to unravel the mysteries of silicon based life. The ultimate goal would be to create a toolsuite that can take raw collections of chip images and convert them into VHDL or verilog. Under the hood it might use something like Hugin to stich the images together and Degate to create the netlists. I'd probably make the HDL decompiler as a stand alone program with a library core that could make tranformed into a Degate plugin.
There also a wiki setup at to provide a more summarized form of what I learn. Another RPI student has been working with me on a few things here and there with this as well. Additionally, I'll probably be collaborating with Travis Goodspeed and Karsten Nohl throughout this process. Travis seems to be a big fan of chemical etch, where Karsten seems to favor physical etching techniques more such as using a Dremel. As I get better with the imaging process, I might see if I can get in touch with the Degate authors to provide patches and such.
I've already explored a few things and had some good starting results before I start writing this, so the first few posts will be about past results.

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